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Recording the Playback USB input stream to the Record output USB Ui24r

bassman59bassman59 Posts: 8

I want to play drum tracks loaded in on the Playback USB input for a band playing live. Easy enough but I cant select the playback channels for recording to the USB Record output. The only channels I can record are the 20 XLR inputs and the 2 Line In inputs. I want to record the band and the playback simultaneously. Is there an easy to do this by routing signals?


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    Multi track recording feature will record digital audio signal at the point of AD converter. So you need to input the drum tracks to any analog input connector to record it.

    You can send your Playback channel to un-used AUX out.
    Then patch (by using physical cable) the AUX out to any input of 1-20 or Line Ins.
    You may keep mute the input channel because it's for only record.
    Multi track recording feature records before mute button.

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    bassman59bassman59 Posts: 8

    Thank you.
    That makes sense now that I know a lot more about the mixer but I didn't at the time.
    I have another question though.
    I have successfully recorded several live shows to a USB Hard drive. However the recordings are all pre FX. I am able to add Fx in Logic later when I transfer the .wav files but for my purposes I'd rather I could record the inputs with the Fx
    Your help is appreciated

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