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Notepad 12FX USB audio is being sent back out

I use Sonobus for remote jamming. Until recently, I was using an M-Audio Air 8-In/4-Out interface but decided to sell that in favor of the Notepad. It seemed that the Notepad would give me more flexibility, especially in a live situation. I used the Soundcraft for the first time yesterday with Sonobus, and my jamming partner complained that they were hearing me, plus themself coming back to them. I interpret this as a routing situation, whereby the audio they were sending to me was getting sent back to them. I am thinking that I don't have the Notepad properly set. There was a slight delay in what they were hearing back.

Because of my desire to use channels 1 & 2, and 5/6 and 7/8 at the same time I have the driver set as follows:

Here is my mixer as it's currently set

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