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Copy files remotely?

Hi all,

New user to the forum.
I have a Soundcaft UI12 installed in my nightclub which we use as a digital mixer (our house jukebox, wireless mics, dj's, karaoke, etc). We also have talent that comes in with music on a USB stick and we plug that into the front USB and plays nicely from within the Sundcraft's built-in player.

My question is:
Is there a way I can remotely copy audio files to the Soundcraft's USB media?

The Soundcraft is hardwired into my network with a static IP address assigned to it locally and reserved in the DHCP. I do have secure VPN access to my network also.


  • Currently talent sends me a few audio files via email. I copy it to a USB and drive 30 mins one way n' plug into the Soundcraft. They can and do bring their own media sticks but Murphy's Law moments like bad media; incompatible format; corrupt files; left on the bus; etc.. kinda suck.
  • Ideally, talent sends me files via email and I can copy them remotely through my secure VPN onto a USB attached large media. That would save us a lot of physical time, gas & parking and bad luck moments as I described.

Whatcha all think?


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    marcopolomarcopolo Posts: 11

    and also extract the files from the stick remotely without having to swap the USB from one computer to another one.

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