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Feature wishlist?

Hello everyone,

I have been using the Ui series sporadically for the past 4 years now, but now I purchased one for myself and I would like to ask if it is possible to reach the support with this message and ask for some new features that will cost nothing to implement, but give us so much better environment for work. The list is not long:

  1. Ability to pass FX Returns through the group as well. Really no sense in having groups that can not process the FX returns, at least we should have an option to choose from.
  2. Ability to map certain Snapshots to F1 and F2, also ability to toggle two previously selected Snapshots with the pedal switch.
  3. Add a PEQ on Master and Aux Master as an option to sculpt the outs faster, and in the same time more gently and broadly.
  4. Ability to route FX Returns into another FX. So simple, but so powerful. Really not sure why this is absent.
  5. Add a db scale next to the In, Out, and Gain Reduction peak meters for Compressor window, for better visibility.

I love Soundcraft since the old PowerStation 600, Lexicon and dbx as well, but only because of these features missing from the Ui series I always reached the Behringer first, because this and much more is possible on the X Air mixers.
Even with this in mind I decided to purchase the Ui as I really want the Soundcraft, however these small improvements could make our work much faster and much more powerful.

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