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Feedback by using a DAW only on left channel.

I want to use my e-guitar with guitar-rig, a vst plugin (windows PC)
I´m not very firm in using the UI24R with recording audio to the DAW but I used it with an Allen&Heath mixer and it works fine.
I selected channel 11+12 to the DAW and channel 1 as input where I plugged the guitar in.
I get a terrible feedback but only on the left channel. When I pan channel 11 or 12 to the right it works fine.
I made a full reset of the mixer to reset some strange settings I maybe made with no success.
Another point I didn´t figure out is how to "mute" channel 1 without stop sending the signal to the DAW. Of course I want to hear just the processed signal of the guitar coming from the DAW and not the original sound from channel 1.

Has anyone an idea?


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