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UI24r audio dropout

I have been using the UI24r for just under 3 years now. At a recent rehearsal I had the units audio drop out and the mixer reboot. It has only happened this one time. But once is enough to make me nervous about using this on the road anymore.
My set up is for IEM. I run 12 channels into the xlr. 5 aux out plus the headphone out as stereo aux.
I run the mixer off of an APS UPS with voltage regulation and battery backup. And I have the mixer rack mounted in a 4 space case with a 2 space dual rack fan in the back.
Tech support has told me both that the issue is running the unit with the internal hotspot turned on. So I got a router and hooked that up.
But while talking to a second tech support guy he said , no if it cut out once it will happen again. And that I should send it in for repair. He couldn't tell me what they would repair. But I do know I would be without a mixer for a number of weeks and would have to rent something in the meantime.
So the real question is does anyone know what is causing these units to drop audio and does a repair actually fix the unit??


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    Probably almost nobody know the fact. Usually told that this problem happens by overload of a bit poor Power Supply Unit in 5VDC.

    At Least mine, I haven't experiences this issue when I use this console normally, but I can produce this power cycle issue my self from USB. When I plugged my intelligent keyboard to any USB jack, Ui would cause the power cycle suddenly. I can use it with self-powered USB hub without no matter.

    Console's operation system and USB slots use common 5VDC power source because there is only one power supply unit inside. No backup, No spare. And internal HotSpot and HDMI are using same power source too.

    Maybe, the risk could be less by turning off the internal Wi-Fi features although it's never be perfect and also it's not too necessary. At least you'd better set a password to the SSID to protect the spot from many smartphone's attacking. Free connection SSID could spend their resource to the reactions.

    Powered USB can supply the power for the USB devices, so it helps system uses power resource.
    Other guy told that some audio clippings caused this problem. It means that the system spent much resource by audio clippings.

    In conclusion, I think that it occurs when multiple factors overlap at the same time unfortunately.

    If the repair tech will replace the PSU to the new specification, it would be better. It's worth to wait weeks.
    How about you asking to that second tech?
    I want to know the replying.
    And then you'd best take pictures of the PSU replacing of before after for comparison.

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