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Ui24R inputs. Line, Microphone or both?

Hi. I'm deciding on purchasing a Ui24R for my home studio setup. It's all about line outputs and maybe one microphone.
On the Ui24R, I noticed inputs 1-10 being combo jack, enabling me to directly connect my synths.
Inputs 11-20 are XLR. While I think I can get cables from jack (synth) to XLR (Ui24R), I'm not sure of these inputs (11-20) on the Ui24R are actually suitable for line inputs?
So that's really my question: Can I use 11-20 on the Ui24R like they are line inputs like 1-10, or is there a difference?
Thank you.


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    If you use XLR inputs jack, 3-20 are same spec. 1&2 have a bit different impedance spec from 3-20. I guess you can’t find any difference by ears but it’s not same on their spec sheet.

    Phone jacks of 1-10 are all same spec but only 1&2 can switch to hi-z.

    Phone jack and XLR have different spec.

    All of them can receive line level of maximum +19.5dBu and they have a max +56dB preamp each.

    If you like same detailed sounds in correct meaning, I suggest you to use XLR inputs of 3-20.
    Those inputs impedance are 6kohm.
    If your synth’s output impedance were less than 3kohm, you may connect directly to those XLR inputs.
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