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Ui24 will not start after overloading front USB port

I plugged an Ethernet to DMX interface into the front USB on my Ui24 and now my desk will not boot up.
I discovered (afterwards, unfortunately) that the DMX interface needs 200mA of power to work and the Ui24 USB can only deliver 40mA.

Can anyone please shed some light on the possible damage? Could it be just the USB circuit board that needs repairing/replacing?

Do the USB’s not have any built in protection for this overload possibility?

I am lost without my mixing desk. Can’t seem to find any repairer here in Australia who can offer any advice.




    The unit really not able to boot up after removed all devices?
    I suggest you to join the user group of Ui24R in the facebook.

  • Hey did you ever get a solution to this issue? I might have done a very similar thing....feel a bit of an idiot now but surprised if there is no protection if that is the case!
  • These units have an SMD fuse in the CPU’s 5Vdc line, located close to the Main to CPU power connector. In some cases replacing the fuse works flawless. Some few got serious problems staying connected via WiFi or the HDMI interface gets stuck on blank screen and never shows the mixer layout. Instead of fuse limiting the USB port, these geniuses let the port overload protection task to the CPU main fuse.

    What spec fuse is used on the board ?

    And what is the another CPU main fuse?
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