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Windows 11 Signature 12 MTK drivers

I recently purchased a Soundcraft signature 12 MTK. I've read about the issues with the drivers and Windows 10. I'm working with Windows 11 though, and can't find any info about issues with that.

I use the most recent drivers (Multi-channelUSBAudio_DriverSetup_v3.23.0 -.exe), but when I record sound from my Juno 60 into Ableton (11.2.7) the 12 MTK will add all kinds of artifacts, no matter what kind of buffer size I choose. Is there any solution for this problem?


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    TFHatsTFHats Posts: 2

    As a matter of fact I've changed the drivers to firmware Notepad_Firmware-Driver-ControlPanel_Installer_V2.0.4_Windows.zip. I still get the artifacts when recording my Juno 60 or AX80. Not so much with the CZ5000.

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