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Starting out with Notepad-8FX

I'm having some issues with USB connectivity to my Windows 10 Laptop for my Notepad-8FX. We will be using this to record a podcast but I am very new to audio equipment so go easy on me! LOL - 2 microphones, 2 headsets, mixer works (we can hear each other). I downloaded the driver to get Soundcraft USB Audio Control Panel. I'm not sure what to do with the Control Panel. It's reading my Notepad-8FX as the USB Audio Device with a Current Sample Rate of 44100 Hz. Inputs 1-2 are set up on the control panel as 'Mix L+R' under Audio Routing, the Ducker is currently off. Buffer settings are 2 channels, 24 bits for Input and Output. But I don't actually see any controls for starting to record.

My laptop is also recognizing NotePad as the Output and Input Devices.

But how do I actually start recording? Do I need other software? I tried downloading Audacity and it seems to be recognizing the NotePad but it keeps giving me a 9996 Error Opening Recording Device. Please help me, I'm willing to Venmo/send a check for someone patient enough to get my connectivity issues solved. I'm tech savvy but I feel like I've tried everything.


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