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UI24R multi track record post compressor, gate and EQ, gain but pre-fader ?

Hi everybody !
I've got a question : is the UI24R Multi track record post gate, compressor, entry EQ ?
Of course post gain but pre-fader track level ?

Bests regards


    Post gain.

    pre mute, pre gate, pre comp, pre EQ, pre fader.

    actually it is the point of AD converter.

    When you playback the recorded mtk, it would be definitely same as the source.
  • Ok, just the good way of recording to work on it freely after.
    Thank's for your answer !

  • chris973chris973 Posts: 2

    that's weird.
    yersterday I recorded two vocal mics. On one I added a gate when it is no singing, and on the record sound is really lower (gain were quite similar)

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