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Mute Master but not an Aux

I am new to the Soundcraft UI24R, and indeed new to mixing in general. I have had the unit for a couple of days now, and have thoroughly enjoyed mixing down a previously recorded multitrack session of my band. My previous workflow was doing it all within my DAW of choice (ardour). My set up now includes three sets monitors (one connected to main L/R, and the rest connected to Auxes), a subwoofer also connected to an aux, and I am using Aux 9/10 for my headphone out, since I wanted the ability to mute my monitors and perform mixing sessions with just my headphones. I set up all my Auxes as mtx so I can send master or sub groups to them instead of building new mixes each, and have my 'MTX master send point" set to pre. For some reason, setting that to post was not sending FX on channels to my headphones - but I need to play around with that more to learn. The only way to mute all the Auxes and the main L/R that I was able to find was to create a mute group with all but aux 9/10, and then drop the master slider to minus Infinity. Is there a more elegant way of doing this? Again, my goal is to mute all outputs except my headphones, and I need the headphones mix to be the main mix including input FX.
Many thanks!



    I only read the title.
    Sorry, I did not read your description but maybe it's

    Settings > Global > AUX SEND MUTE INHERITANCE

  • Many thanks for your response. I already have that setting on. I am looking for a way to mute the master out while having some aux outputs unmuted using a button. Only way I have discovered so far is by using the master fader. Thanks.
  • elviselvis Posts: 2
    > @TAICHEE said:
    > I only read the title.
    > Sorry, I did not read your description but maybe it's
    > Settings > Global > AUX SEND MUTE INHERITANCE

    Do you know if is there any way do the same to Expression 3?
    Sorry I can’t understand what you are going to do with Si Expression.

    BTW, now I read your body of the description.
    Why don’t you use VCA?

    Your stereo monitor should be got from the Matrix 7,8.
    Your monaural subwoofer should be got from the Matrix 6.
    Send the master LR bus to these matrix 6,7,8.
    If you only want to send bass and kick to the Subwoofer, you may use Aux6 instead of matrix 6 whatever you want.

    Then your headphones should be got from the HP1 bus. Always you can listen to the master LR bus when you didn’t solo. You can use solo whenever you want to go solo.

    Assign a VCA to Matrix 6,7,8.
    When you want to mute the 3 monitors, you just press that VCA mute. Or you can turn slightly down or up those 3 monitors simultaneously by using that VCA fader.
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