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Hearing radio sound on UI24R

During a recent live event where we were using UI24R we could hear some radio sounds interfering with live audio. Like help to resolve this issue


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    I have same experience in YAMAHA consoles. This is not the console's issue. That's a situation issue.
    The multi snake cable and mic cables were working as the antenna in that situation. It was an outdoor track field.
    The radio waves were stronger than the shield in that spot, I think.

    As the resolving methods, if the radio sounds were low level one, you make the gain settings in lower.
    Digital consoles are usually get a big gain then reduce it or get a little gain then add more. The device is doing it in their device.

    You might find a point of the gain limit to disappear the radio sounds from the PFL.
    I am not sure the Ui, but that YAMAHA LS9 and M7CL had that type gain structures.
    The quality became a victim but actually it was enough for the event. Brass band and choirs played in the city sports festival.

    If you can move the places, it could be solved.
    If you can ready a steel pipe, you may run the analog cables in that for the stronger shield.

    Or, can you put the consoles in a player area to make the cables shorter, or can you use digital audio line ?

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    marcopolomarcopolo Posts: 11

    some cables may not be shielded. if using a snake, make sure ground is not lifted.

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