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Si Performer 2 - Recalling Channel Presets Using Fader Setup

This is all on a Soundcraft Si Perfomer 2. I have four mic channels that I keep an unchanged routing for on my console. I have them labeled Green, Red, Yellow, & Blue to match the wireless mics they are associated with. I cycle on two vocalists every week from a pool of eight vocalists for which I have saved Gain, EQ, Etc. under a "Mono Input". When I am starting fresh each week, I select one of the mic channels and open "Fader Setup" to change the Mono Input Assignment to the vocalist that will be singing that week. It recalls all of the preset information perfectly BUT it also changes the "Input/Output" of that channel every time to the input/output settings that were previously associated with that vocalist. So if the vocalist was previously using the Red Mic Channel but I am recalling their presets into the Yellow Mic Channel it changes the Yellow Mic Channel's routing to the same as the Red Mic Channel.

As you can see, it is frustrating to have to re-route a channel every time I pull in a preset for that channel. It results in duplicate outputs and inputs. Is there any way to recall just the EQ, Fader, Gain, Compression, Etc. without recalling a completely different routing of input/output for the selected channel?

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