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WIll Soundcraft ever release an updated Visi Listen App (and Visi Remote)

It seems they have not re-compiled their software in over FOUR YEARS. As IOS has advanced Soundcraft / Harman seems to have lost their way on keeping up. I think we are not asking for new features.. Just continued operation of the existing feature set.

Seriously.. ONE IOS developer could perform the necessary updates. Is it too difficult to add ONE competent IOS Software engineer to their staff to fix these issues?... Or contract it out, or better yet.. push the source code out into git and make it open source??

Seriously.. The company would be able to sell more product and have a better reputation if they would TRY to update their software to work with current IOS versions... I Imagine that the same applies to Android.

LAST NIGHT We finished installing seven personal audio monitors to our Soundcraft Expression 3 board.. Using 7 mix outs to drive the seven monitors... The 4 people there to truy it had a variety of iPads, IPhones, Android, etc... (And several versions of iPad.. 2 years old, and just released iPad Pros.

Visi listen was just a disaster for everyone... The screens are 1/2 cut off, oversized, buttons off screen and not touchable, etc.... just completely unusable. And the Software Visi Listen has NOT BEEN UPDATED in 4+ years.... It is just frustrating, to say the least. We invested a lot of time and money into getting a workable personal monitoring system going, ALL FOR NOTHING.

-Andrew Ward


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    japlumeyjaplumey Posts: 1

    I agree with this! As someone who recommends mixers and audio hardware for a number of organizations in my area, I have stopped recommending anything from Soundcraft because of this. Great mixers, terrible support, and terrible software.

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    I agree too!
    We need a new version of Visi Listen now!
    Have been very happy with my Si Performer but seriously considering moving to A&H SQ series :(

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    SVP, Harman, une réponse ? Nous sommes plusieurs à signaler le même problème et aucune réponse de votre part ! Pourquoi continuer à acheter vos produits si Visi listen ne fonctionne plus avec IOS ?
    Yves B.

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    Mise à jour de visi listen enfin faite 🙂

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    I just checked. They have uploaded the new version for the ViSi-Listen in the App Store and the playstore as well.
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    Nuneko1Nuneko1 Posts: 1
    I really think they sould launch an Android app to control it either, not Just the mixes!
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