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UI24r Video editing workflow

TLDR: What's the best way to edit, cut and remix using the UI24r for recorded video production?

I am one of number of volunteers for a church with about 150 people in attendance on an average sunday.

In the worship band we usually have 2/3 vocals, 1/2 guitars + bass guitar, keyboard, drums and some times a sax or flute. The bassists insist on using his own amp and speaker, so does one of the guitarists because he has effects built in to his set up and the drums are currently un-mic'd. These are loud enough to not include them in the house mix. This, and the floor wedge monitors provide sufficient volume to also affect the house mix.

Whilst the volunteers can achieve a good house mix, the live stream suffers, which is the same main out as used for the house mix. We are unlikely to be able to provide a second mix for the live stream due to lack of volunteers etc.

The live stream usually averages about 5 live viewers with about 150 viewers after the fact. Given the constraints I would be happy if we could just remix the sound after, when the video is edited (mostly cut). Any suggestions for work flows to do this?
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