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Loss of master output on several UI-16 channels -- AUX is OK

Recently our UI-16 has stopped sending anything to the master output on several channels, but the related AUX 1 & 2 output is fine. We've lost 3 channels in the last 2 weeks, after 8 months of reliable performance. The other channels are working fine.

This is for a church, where we live stream services to Zoom. The audio from the master settings goes to the Zoom feed; the AUX 1 & 2 goes to the amplifier and speakers in the room. (Some AUX channels are muted, 'cause we don't need to amplify the piano, but it does need to go to the livestream.)

We've also had one channel that recently does not recognize any input at all. Obviously a different problem, but perhaps indicative of serious failures of the circuitry?

Fortunately, the UI-16 has enough channels -- and our needs are modest enough -- that we've been able to swap to other channels, but we can't keep doing that much longer.

Any suggestions? Anybody else have the same problem? Thanks!


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    PSS80210PSS80210 Posts: 2

    A follow-up on my previous post: The problem I described (of output being sent to AUX ports, but not to the master) can be fixed with a channel reset. This is still annoying and a serious problem for our use of the UI-16, but it is good to know that there's a way to fix it when it crops up.

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    frablofrablo Posts: 2

    I had exactly the same problem today with my UI16; during the rehearsal I had to use another (by chance still free) channel since I did not know yet then it could be somehow fixed by resetting the channel; only afterwards I found out; it’s really tedious to fix it by resetting the channel as I have to reload all fx, equ, etc. settings again. Isn’t there a bug fix available?

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