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Notepad-12fx low gain

I am using an AKG D5 and macOS. When recording using i.e Garage band, the mic level is very low. I don't understand why, according to the datasheet focusrite scarletti 2i2 has a ~50-55 dB gain pot, this notepad has a 60dB gain pot, and even thought the notepad should have higher gain, using the mic with the 2i2 the recorded volume is significantly higher even with a pot set to a lower setting than on the notepad.
This notepad is my second notepad, as the first one got replaced. The mic volume was the same on the older one, too.

IK know the D5 is not the most sensitive mic but still, this is very strange, that the 2i2 that has less gain is much-much louder with similar gain pot position.

What is your experience? Do you feel like you have enough volume while recording with a DAW via USB interface?

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