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Soundcraft Notepad-12FX noise check

Hi all, anyone using this compact mixer?
Just got one today for use as a submixer and everything’s great except for the USB/Stereo 9-10 channel has a noticable level of a whining digital noise.
Is this normal? The manual implies that all the stereo channels should have the same noise level, but every other channel is nice and quiet with a faint analogue hiss. I suspect it’s shoddy USB tech or a fault.

If another owner could double check this for me I’d much appreciate it!


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    tracerttracert Posts: 2

    Update in case anyone comes looking for this topic.
    Harman (Soundcraft) support told me to speak to the retailer which was very unhelpful.
    Retailer let me A/B test it against another Notepad 12FX which had similar noise on the USB/9-10 channel, as well as additional noise on the 11/12 channel.
    So from this small anecdotal evidence it seems like those final two stereo channels which don't have EQ or trim knob might be prone to noise issues.

    Have decided to ditch it and get a second Yamaha MG mixer, which has been flawless for me.

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