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How much gain is right

Hi all
Reasonably new to this mixer with only a few months use live gigs.
I have the gains set to the middle of the fader page thinking this to be mid or 12 o’clock position on a an analogue desk but I seem to have to have mix fader rather high and the master high also.
It works fine but doesn’t give me much headroom so just running it by the forum for some advice


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    dsteinschneiderdsteinschneider Posts: 8
    edited April 2023

    I'm new to the forum and started using the ui24r about a month ago but having been spending a lot of time researching and using it both for live sound and recording. The gain sliders are graduated (they aren't 1:1 - between -40 and -24 there is the finest adjustment - when up to -12 to -0 db the least). I set the gain so the red block at the top infrequently lights up.

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    edited May 2023

    At first, this discussion board is for all of Soundcraft consoles. Mr ( Ms) dsteinschneider wrote that the console name but nobody knows what the console Mr (Ms) Hoffmansduo has is.

    However, I would have same advise even though your console was whatever.
    You just look at the value when you adjust the gain.
    Never concern with the 12 o'clock position because all of analog consoles don't have the same gain in their 12 o'clock position.

    If you wanted to gain 27dB, just set the gain as 27dB value. It's very simple but we only think it every time.

    Therefore, what you need is How you find the value you want to gain, right.
    It is the level meter.

    You never let it clipping because it means distorted broken. You should expect the future and if you guess it becomes louder, you need to keep enough a headroom. The headroom usually 12dB to 24dB around are better.

    When the non-gained situation yet, If the level meter indicated -45dBFS, you may set the gain as 25dB then the meter will indicate -20dBFS. This situation means that you have 20dB headroom to the peak.
    0dBFS is the clipping peak in the all of the digital audio. FS means the full scale.

    In the actual situation, you should make the vocal gain first while watching the meter, then other instruments can be set without watching meter. Because the vocal is the main instrument which the sounds most high level. Others should be set while listening. It won't be clip even if you didn't look at the meter.

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