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how to get sound in both ears using Aux 1-8 on the Soundcraft UI24R

My bandmates are using Xvive-U4 transmitter/receivers plugged into one of the eight Aux outs on the Soundcraft UI24R. They were able to create their own mix and get sound in both ears, it's all good. I'm using my in ears plugged into a female TRS to female XLR, plugged directly into one of the Aux outs and I'm only getting sound in one ear. If I unplug my 1/8 headphone from the female 1/8 receiver just slightly, I get sound in both ears. Although this solution works, I don't want to rely on it.

My question is, how do I get sound in both ears using the Aux outs, using a wire/adapter? I don't want to rely on a slightly unplugged connection and let's assume I don't want to buy a transmitter/receiver when I'm generally going to be close enough to the mixer to use a cable. I'm assuming some of you know of a solution, a cable, adapter, setting?


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    mabbmabb Posts: 2

    i don't own Xvive systems but I'll share my experience anyway.
    For me and my band I got five Behringer P2 amps, and I had the same issue (sound coming from one earbud only) until I found out there was an internal switch in the P2 to operate the device in mono/stereo.
    Switching it to mono worked for me. Obviously, that's because the AUX are mono outputs.
    Is there a similar way to proceed on the Xvive? I would research on that

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    MangoMango Posts: 4

    I suppose I'll use this forum as a journal of sorts. I found a solution to the problem I was having. Under settings, patching, HW outs, I was able to assign AUX 9/10 to headphone left and right. Now using a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter, and my headphones, I'm able to get sound in both ears and have a solid connection.

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    MangoMango Posts: 4

    Thanks for your response mabb. The behringer P2's are much more budget friendly version of the xvive units I believe but they are both transmitter/receivers right? It's great they have the mono/stereo option built in, I'm not sure if the Xvive does or not.

    I found a solution under settings/patching. I was able to assign one of the Aux outputs to the Headphone out which ultimately gave me sound in both ears. Very cool how hardware outputs can be re-assigned like that.
    I'm still going to try using a double xlr-1/8 female headphone connector to see if that works. Maybe using two Aux outs in this fashion is another work around. Well see.

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