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Signal dropout and possible causes

Just another post on the rebooting/signal dropout on a UI24r.

I use this mixer primarily for wedding gigs, this means it has a runtime of 8-10 hours straight.

I’ve put the unit in a 8U rack case, with 1U of empty space above and below.

I also have it plugged in a Furman power conditioner.
Nothing else is in the case, which is always open front and back.

Yesterday I’ve used the unit for the first time and 3.5 hours in we had a signal dropout that lasted for about 8-10 seconds.

Luckily, we were not performing in that moment, there was just some track playing in the background from an external player. 
The unit was not warm at all (the room temperature was just perfect), I was not using any USB device (although an HDMI external screen and a USB wifi transmitter for a mouse are always plugged in but they were both OFF), the power was just fine.

I know a ton of you had the same problem, I was just trying to figure out what would the possible cause be.

I was also wondering if there’s a way to trace back some syslog file and eventually mass share it with Harman so maybe a solution can be found?

I don’t really think this is an hardware-caused issue. 

Keep in mind that I’ve researched this unit for several weeks before deciding to buy it so I was well aware of this problem in the community.

I find this unit perfect for my needs, but the idea of random signal dropouts (we use tracks and clicks) it’s a thorn in the side. 

Do y’all just surrendered to the randomness of this event in the end?

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