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Ui16 Hot spot

I recently Purchased Ui16 and I have been watching videos stating the Weak level of the Hot spot and they suggested external Wireless Access point . Can the hot spot in the Ui16 be extended with a Wireless Extender . Trying minimize equip-setup by plugging in Extender at the front of the room and have the Ui16 behind the drummer.


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    earballsearballs Posts: 1

    On a Ui24, we use a D-link DIR-1750 wifi router connected to the Ethernet port.

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    Thanks for the info, I will be buying a Wifi Router today.


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    frablofrablo Posts: 2

    Recently I was playing a gig and we where using the wifi connection; all was fine until the middle of our performance when wifi on the ui16 decided not to work anymore. We didn’t really know what to do then; I connected the ethernet cable to the ipad instead but it still wouldn’t connect anymore; since I did not know how the ui16 would behave upon resetting or powering it down and up again (we didn’t know if this would make things even worse; we knew at least that the current setting we had before the wifi crash was kind of working. So we had to finish the gig without any possibility to make any changes on the ui16 mixer; not great….

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