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DigiTech option not showing up on Input-1 when patched?

I'm setting up a Ui24R and have Input-1 (combo jack) patched to Track/Chan-7. This is to have sources requiring a 1/4" input (acoustic guitar) showing up to the right in the mix window, with vocals (XLR inputs) to the left in the mix window.
So for example the following routing assignments:
Chan 1 --- In-15 --- Vocal 1
Chan 7 --- In-1 --- Acoustic

I expected the DigiTech processing to move with Input-1 and be available to the Acoustic, however the DigiTech is still available/shown on Chan 1 which is using an XLR only input. (?)
Is this how the routing is supposed work, or is this a bug?

How should I achieve my goal of having the Guitar (1/4") channels to the right of the Vocal (XLR) channels in the Mix window?
Thanks for any ideas!


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    I understand that the Digitech processing is only on Inputs 1 and 2

    No it isn't. You are misunderstanding also what I told.
    The digitech is belonging to the Mixer's channel 1 and 2. Not the preamp number 1 and 2.
    Preamp = HW Input.
    The input number is not the mixer channel number.
    Preamp (hardware Input) is at the analog zone before the AD converter.

    You can patch the routing from any preamp numbers into any channels of the digital console.
    Digitech belongs to the CH1 and CH2 at those digital zone.

    You can't move the digitech to other channels. It's always at the CH1 and CH2.

    You are hoping to place these faders as your favor order, aren't you?
    ViewGroup feature is the only way.


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    No input on this question? Am I missing something simple to work around this issue?

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    Only the Ch1 and 2 have the Digitech. This is a specification of this device.

    I agree that Soundcraft should make the digitech as a kind of CH insertion for the convenience but actually it is not.

    Only the way for your usage is using the View-Group.

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    Thanks much for the reply Taichee!
    I understand that the Digitech processing is only on Inputs 1 and 2, not a channel insert.
    My issue is that Digitech stays with the channel when the routing is changed Digitech should stay with the input (routing changes the input to channel association).
    So with my current routing I have Input 1 (with Digitech) routed to Channel 7, but Digitech doesn't show up on channel 7. It should since channel 7 is using input 1.

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    ok, I understand it now! :) That's not at all how I expected it to work.
    So the Digitech processing is really locked to Channel 1 and 2 only. And you can route other Inputs to those channels- even an XLR only input.
    The reasoning doesn't quite make sense to me, but I understand the use and limitations now.
    Thanks for guiding me thru that!

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    And I agree with you.
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