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MPC One with Signature MTK - Level Issues


Noob here in desperate need for guidance :(

I’ve been trying to use a Soundcraft MTK to unite my synths under the control of a MPC. I have issues with (Rec) levels.. or is it meant to be like this?

Synth -> Channel 3 MTK -USB-> MPC one -USB-> Channel 4 MTK

Routing channels through the MPC drop the levels by about 10dB (see example pictured, level on the left of the picture is with channel 3 only, on the right channel 4 only). Is the issue here the user (noob) or did I do something wrong (issue being me again) and can I correct it? It could be a MPC issue, but maybe someone faced this issue already?

I am currently compensating with 10dB on Group 1-2 ... but is it the solution

Any guidance welcome! Thanks!!!


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    Apologies, I meant

    Synth ==> Channel 4 MTK =USB=> MPC one =USB=> Channel 5 MTK

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