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Haw can I get sound on both ears using Aux sends via balanced cable and behringer P2 or PM1?

I'm using all 8 aux send buses for personal in ear monitors.
I use balanced XLR cable from AUX out to Behringer PM1 or P2 and then to stereo earbuds.
BUT we only are able to hear the sound in only one ear.
This problem never happened when we used a Behringer XR18 mixer.
What should I need to do in order to get sound on both ears?


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    edited May 2023
    I don’t know which console you use but this is not the question about the console.

    Think it simple.

    XLR is mono.
    If the mixer was 2 pin hot, the XLR means below

    The pin1 = ground
    The pin2 = signal
    The pin3 = inverted signal or ground ( depends on the circuit if it’s balanced or semi-balanced )

    If the mixer was 3 pin hot, pin 2 and 3 would be opposite.

    P2’s XLR is strange one.

    1XLR works as a stereo.
    When you send stereo phone for this XLR with a simple cable, it works but you need a special cable with normal mono XLR.

    But you can make a correct cable for those devices.
    Just think the signal pin and the ground pin.
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