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Ui24r repair turn around time

It has been confirmed that my Ui24R has a noisy preamp that must be replaced. It is in warranty. What is the current time frame to get it repaired ?

Every authorized service center I have talked to says they are unable to get parts and it will take six months or more.

Surely Soundcraft has a more reasonable service source (other than sending it to the black hole of corporate service in Tijuana) to get my mixer repaired? One reason I selected Soundcraft is/was a good reputation for caring for their customers.

If the answer is what I think it will be, there is another option I won’t hesitate to use.

Come on, Soundcraft. Get with it.


  • I'd like to know this, too, as our UI24r is dying channel by channel. We're up to half unusable channels due to crazy levels of self noise.

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