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Soundcraft Ui16 - Faders disappear on ipad

I have a UI16 that during a live show the faders on my ipad display disappear and i'm just left with the level indicator bars, usually happens on the input channels, AUX seem to be unaffected. When i go to the gain settings the faders return. Its just in the standard display where they disappear. Very frustrating.
As a disclaimer - I have a decent external router attached that has been properly setup by an IT network specialist so I know my connection is good. I have some connecting issues at the start but once it seems to "warm up" it seems stable.
The faders though on the display seem to disappear about after 30min from setting up. I managed to get it back only while holding the touch screen on the individual channel (which i came across by fluke) but it doesnt work always. Its happened twice now so im here asking if anyone else has experienced this and what possibly could be the cause? I couldn't find this same question anywhere on here,..... but any help is appreciated.
Thank you,

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