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Ui12 XLR Output balanced or not

Simple questions to Ui12 users.
Are XLR Output balanced or not? I can not find aby info on manual.


  • As I understand yes and if not then I will be sending it back for a refund! jkn yes i don't think soundcraft would still be making mixing boards if not! Also the 1/4" master outs are TRS and paralleled to the the XLR master outs and both XLR and 1/4" are balanced. If you need unbalanced I believe you can just use the 1/4" for line level or buy adapters that plug in to xlr that accept 1/4" line level basically they are DI boxes in a different package the later would be the best choice either will work! Hope that helps, I've probably gave you more info than needed to your simple answer just tryn covering all the bases.


    Cheap grade entry model does not have baanced circuit for their outputs. Those kind devices are usually produced with impedance balance circuit. AKA semi-balance, pseudo balance.

    I am not sure the Ui12 but even Ui24R is it.
    Midas, YAMAHA are also cheap model does not have real balance output. Probably Ui12 too.

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