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Ui24R PFL over browser.

Maybe a strange question...

It would be verry useful for me if there is a way to have a PFL over the browser. The idea is to be able to mix from another location. The mix of the FOH is not useable for the streaming and tweaking the streaming on separate aux bussen is not easy when done in the same room where the FOH is playing.

So if there is away to have the selected pfl for those aux busses to hear over the browser of the controlling device, that would be an awesome feature. We would be able to build a VPN so the Ui24R can also be controlled from a sillent room to create an optimal streaming line live.

If this is possible allready, please tell me how :smiley:

If not, maybe an idea for a furture upgrade?
Or maybe there is a ay to accomplish this in another way?

Would like to hear from you guys!


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    Definitely this is possible and I have already done.
    My Ui24R is at home then I operated at my hotel.

    HOW TO...


    Ui24R is connected to my PC with the USB-DAW connection method.
    Normally those 32 ch audio routing is fixed as the user manual but actually user can customize.
    There isn't a command for that in the graphic interface but you can do it by editing offline console file.

    I give you mine.
    You can use it, or customize more.

    It seems I can't paste the URL here... Please copy and paste to the browser.
    http[colon slash slash]www.[erase this space]dropbox.com/s/wkihpnhp3ebl998/ui24r_usbdaw_modify_offlinefile.zip?dl=0

    [onlyUSBDAW_hp1_instead master.json]
    [onlyUSBDAW_hp2_instead master.json]
    is for your purpose.

    So you download my zip file then unzip.
    If you are interested in the contents, you may open it by using any text editor applications.
    JSON format editor or any plist-editor something would be better to read the contents easier.

    At the SHOW section in your Ui24R, there is the OFFLINE FILE IMPORT button.
    Click it then select my "onlyUSBDAW_hp2_instead master.json".

    I made this file only for swapping the USBDAW patching.
    Nothing will be changed except for the USB DAW patching.
    ( If you couldn't trust me, you can confirm the contents in your eyes ).

    USB1-2: PFL-Solo
    USB3-10: Aux 1-8
    USB11-32: HWInput 1-22

    It looks that nothing had changed but now your Ui24R sends Solo ( instead of master LR ) to your PC via USB.
    You may save this in your unit as one of your default snapshot.
    ( Don't forget to give a findable names. )
    If you recall snapshot, this DAW setting will be roll-back.
    Actually this is a part of the user settings but Soundcraft didn't offer the chance to their users because this is a bit complex for some users. Otherwise some stupid beginners might soon make a feedback loop between the DAW and the console. I think you are okay.

    If you are interested in this matter, you can study by comparing my JSON files and the original offline file which you exported from your unit. This customization method is really useful when the cascading situations as well.


    There are several tools like NDI, WavesSoundGrid something.
    Although you can use your favorite one, now I suggest you "SonoBus".

    It's free.
    Mac, Win, iOS, Android are all available.
    Audio data will be transferred as P2P. The default setting will use the host server on the internet to find your device names as the group members but it also supports fully local connection by using self own server.
    You can set the buffer time as you like. If you use everything in your local wired (LAN cable) connection, the latency can be set as few milliseconds, maybe 30ms is enough to eliminate any drop.

    So it's also enough to use this in the local venue for the engineer's monitor.
    We usually get more latency in the big venue because FOH console is far from the stage.
    30ms is still capable to operate because it's only less than 15meters ( less than 50 feet) distance delay.

    Exactly WiFi needs a bit long buffer and the internet needs more, but I think it is not a problem for your purpose.
    Maybe 1-2 seconds is enough.

    I have a VPN server function in my home router, so I could access to the home PC from my hotel's Wi-Fi.
    I could mix the multi track recording data in the USB STICK with using PFL buttons.
    From my experiences, I recommend you to connect the console side PC to the router by using a wired LAN cable. This part affects much to the quality.

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