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New Ui24R on 3.4.8318 does not save views within the show...am I to dumb to save correctly?

All settings (including the view groups) are supposed to be saved within their show. That enables me - as I understand it - to have totally different view groups in different shows, e.g. for different bands I work with.

If I create 2 new shows with one snapshot each and e.g. create (and save) one set of views for each show the following happens (view on "global"): The viewgroup shows up on the slidebar and works but after I change into the other show its settings are gone. Changing back to the first show: no more viewgroups either...

Sometimes when changing to the "default" show, the settings from one of the new shows show up there, where I never set it up.

I tried different approches for the "save within the show" but could not come up with a solution.
All other settings stay perfectly within their own show, so I presume I am doing sth. wrong.

I read all about the actual highlighted show in red and how you are supposed to save the snapshot etc. and even did an online course...thoughts anyone? Thx


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    BassMarcBassMarc Posts: 2

    More malfunctions keep popping up. The assignments for the "more-me" funktion spread across all shows on the mixer and do not keep to the show in which they were made initially.
    I will sent back the device and will try my luck with a Behringer...

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    JMiBJMiB Posts: 4

    That's right.
    What's more, the new ui24 doesn't work with a DAW: sounds do go out of the DAW into the ui24, but they don't come in from the ui24 into the DAW.
    Impossible to install previous firmware versions.
    When can we expect an update?

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