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Chrome update breaks GUI?

I have been using the UI16 with Chrome on Android for a year now without any issues. This last week, the GUI has been broken. The left-right swipe in the bottom channel names now acts as an app switcher. Whenever sliding objects like faders and EQ spheres, parts of the UI moves slightly and breaks the layout slowly (see screenshots).

Has anyone experienced this? I believe it's an update of Chrome that has caused this. My guess is that the Soundcraft GUI doesn't follow the web standards completely. Currently, the GUI is ununable for me in Chrome and I had to install Firefox which seems to be much slower which isn't good


  • It seems that this was a bug in Chrome that was fixed within the last two weeks. After this annoying bug was present for weeks and made the UI very hard to work with, I can't reproduce it now on either of the two UI16 mixers on neither my tablet nor my phone. Before, the bug was present with any combination of mixer and client.

  • normann1974normann1974 Posts: 8
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    Well, the problems came back. I now tried clearing Chrome's cache and data in Android, and that seems to have fixed the problem because I had no issues with the UI today. I believe now that the problem is related to broken or wrongly cached files which may be related to switching between wireless networks.

  • I have now tried firmware resetting my tablet (Android 10) so that it has old Chrome version 81. The bug is not present in this version. Updating Chrome to the latest version makes the issue appear consistently (I have done this twice). Enter the "DYN" tab of e.g. the first channel and the GUI starts moving to the right. Other tabs/pages may also be broken. Video: https://youtu.be/5AGPgtb6N_0

  • normann1974normann1974 Posts: 8
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    Seven months later. Still stuck with the old Chrome version on Android which does not have this issue. I tried contacting Harman support which asked me to contact local tech support provider (which was a hassle) which asked me to contact the store where I bought it, and they can do nothing about the situation. In other words: There is no support, the issue will not be fixed, lots of time was wasted. So the hunt has started for another browser. Firefox does not work well with the this UI. It takes 4 times as long to load, and channel scrolling is so slow that it's useless. Firefox also seems to suddenly crash now and then, often during initial load. Opera works fast and doesn't seem to have the Chrome issue. So if no other issues show up in Opera, Opera it is.


    As a very basic set up, you should turn off "hardware acceleration" in your browser prefs.

  • sc_tpr1sc_tpr1 Posts: 5

    FWIW, I haven't had any problems with the GUI using the newest Chrome on my Windows laptop. I'll test with my Android tablet and report back.

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