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Question About Adjusting Mixes For Individual Aux Sends

My band is using the Soundcraft UI and each of us pulls up the UI and our own IEM mix for live performance. My question is: If I open a channel (i.e. Guitar for example) and adjust the EQ, does that only apply to my own Aux send that I am adjusting on or is it globally across all mixes?


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    To further clarify:
    We use the The Ui16 in our IEM Rack. Each one of the 4 of us in our band pulls up the UI on a tablet. We each have our own Aux Send path which we individually pull up so that we can adjust our own individual mix. While doing so, if I were to pull up the Channel that we run Guitar on and then go into the edit mode to EQ the guitar more to my liking in my IEM's, is that only affecting my mix or is it globally affecting everyone's mix? I suppose the easiest way to determine this would be just to try it but I am reluctant to do so in a show setting and we haven't had enough downtime to do so in a practice environment. As such, I wanted to see if anyone here could weigh in on that and save me some time.

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    yes if you change a setting on input channels 1 thru 16 such as eque,effects or compression its going to change it globally for everyone and everything else its sent to

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