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Signature 22 MTK - Compatible with Ipad Pro 11 inch 4th Generation?

I'm thinking about updating my old MS Surface Pro 4 to a new iPad Pro 11 inch (4th Gen) and want to be sure that the iPad will work well with my Soundcraft signature 22 MTK and also with the "Reaper" software I'm used to ? This newer iPad has a Thunderbolt/USB4 Connector. Does anyone have any experience of this please? Also I'd be grateful for any thoughts on whether to spend the extra to get the 512GB version over the 256GB - specifically for the 22 MTK use as I don't really need the extra storage for other uses? Thanks!


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    Your USB out on the 22mtk is Type B. As far as I know the IPAD pro 11 I/O is USB 3 or 4. You'll need to adapt one end with a C to B adapter. I've seen them cost anywhere from 1.50 to 12.00 on Amazon. Don't cheap-out on this. Regarding memory for the IPAD 512GB will outperform 256GB but not by much. Good Luck!

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