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Signature 22 Mtk. Parts/ repair? And other questions

Sig 22 mtk user.
Been running this desk for almost two years now with out issue( apart from idiot user issues.have learned a lot.) which is reason for this first post.
21/22 Chanel no longer outputting
( yes, due to being an idiot.I guess it’s a lesson you only need to learn once.)
So, my question is: ( guessing I’ve killed that channels pre ) can I buy or source channel strips or pre amp pcbs? And change it out? Was an air con tech for twenty five years so know a thing or two about electrocution and blowing shit up😜.) any help appreciated and thanks in advance.
Another question I might ask while I’m here( can’t be arsed starting another thread for it.) have a presonus faderport which for the most part works fine but occasionally ( regularly.)
Gets a little tetchy and decides it doesn’t want to respond or play nicely but if I reset it, off it goes again. It’s just a drag and interrupts flow when recording. Anyone else know about this kinda thing?


  • dayzdayz Posts: 5

    Honestly - if it was easier to sue these companies in class actions then maybe they would not get to skirt on delivering an end product that has known issues, yet, they keep getting to sell with fancy looking boxes, and software drivers that have yet to ever 1) been released properly for Windows 10 and 2) be dealt with in any official capacity by the Product Manager at Soundcraft.

    Sorry you are having those issues. What I understand with these is some internal components can go like capacitors and sometimes simple fix if you are handy like that.

    Are you using the USB and on Windows 7 or 10, or 11? or Mac?


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