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Playing back 4 channel backing tracks?

Me and my band recently bought a ui24r mixer. We migrated to this new mixer from an 18 channel digital mixer, which was capable of playing back 4 channel WAV files, the 3rd and 4th channel (click track) routed to different channels, very useful and easy way for playing back backing tracks and click tracks simultaniously. Now migrating to the Soundcraft playing back those backing tracks seems quite complicated. According to the user manual I can separate the stereo channels of the 2 channel playback, but in this case the backing track would be in MONO, and that would be quite a step back for us. Using multitrack playback could be an option, but I couldn't find any info on how to prepare the tracks that should be played back synchronized. Is there any way to use 4 channel wav files with separated channels? What would be the best way to use STEREO backing tracks and clicktracks without using any external device?


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    edited September 2023

    It's so easy.

    Get the application "Ui session maker" at the official website.

    This is an application to make a Ui24R multitrack playable directory.
    It supports the multi channels WAV file too.
    I just drag & drop a 6ch WAV file onto this app, then it splits a multi channel wav file into 6 mono flac files.
    Also the sample rate will be converted for Ui24R (48kHz) automatically.
    It's very quick.
    After this, you just copy the exported folder into your USB stick.
    ( In the "Multitrack" folder ).
    You can play this song soon with insert the stick in the REC slot of this mixer.

    I am using MAC OS version. Probably, WIndows version would be same.

    Although I think the FLAC24 format is nicer, if you still prefer WAV format, you can convert those flac into Wav format again by using any other audio converter software. Because Ui session maker does not have the settings. It will convert everything to Flac 24.

    Otherwise, you can use Adobe Audition to split the tracks from a multi channel wav file. But the Ui session maker is easier, anyway.

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    And I found a free soft which can split and combine the tracks and files for multi channel wav file.
    If you need to keep WAV format, this is better than Adobe Audition, although the Ui Session maker is better for using on the Ui24R.

    It requires you an eMail registration to download.
    Mac and Win are available.

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