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SERIAL or TCP/IP remote control

Hello, it's been a while the UI series is out on the market, is it possible to have the control protocol for the ui series to integrate like the UI24 in a system controlled enviroment like Kramercontrol or Aten; the end result, is to give the user a very restricted enviroment with the simplest use case like change volumes and recall some snapshots from a button whithout the need to be using and accessing all the features of the mixer that are restricted to tecnician only.



    edited October 2023
    Bitfocus Companion has a module for Soundcraft Ui series.
    It can remote the mixer from streamdeck buttons and something message commands.

    You can set a batch command to the button of Companion then it will be called from TCP or UDP message.

    Set faders as absolute or relate value, mutes, recall cues, snapshots, something.


    This is to read to understand what you can do.

    Just install the companion. ↓


    It will get this module automatically.
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