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Soundcraft 12 - Aux 1 Monitor Output Issue

Hi All,

I am new to the this so apologies for what is potentially a silly question with a very simple answer, however one of my local community groups has asked me to take on the Lighting and Sound Systems for their drama productions. They have a sound system already fitted with a Soundcraft 12 mixing desk.

The main use for the board is input via Channel 11/12 direct from my computer. This outputs perfectly to the Master L and R via the XLR outputs.

There is a smaller speaker on the stage so that the cast can also here the same audio that the audience are hearing. The labels that the previous people have left on the board indicates that the monitor should be plugged into the Aux 1 output via its 6.35mm jack, however when it's plugged in, no matter what I do, I can't get any sound to come out of the speaker connected.

Could someone please explain how the audio should route through the mixer to this output so I can try and troubleshoot? How should it work? I'm wondering whether the speaker is blown because I have twisted every knob and pressed every button and nothing seems to happen.

This is what I have tried so far:

On the Channel 11/12 input, there is an Aux 1 knob, looking at the routing section of the instruction manual, I assume this is how I can control the level of audio I want to go to the Aux 1 Output??? I have turned this up full, and the only thing it seems to do is boost the level of sound coming out the Master Output to the XLR L and R speakers.

I have also turned up the Aux 1 Master Knob and have selected the PFL and Post/Pre Fade buttons in various ways with no effect.

What am I doing wrong?


    edited November 2023

    Select the channel 11 and 12.
    Tap the Edit button.
    Tap the Aux send tab.
    Send it to the AUX1 in Post or Pre whichever you like.
    Unmute channel.
    Unmute sending tap.


    Then select the AUX 1 master.
    Unmute it and place the fader up

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