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External Router Disconnect....

I am using a Ui-16 Mixer with a Netgear AC750(R6020) External Router. I have changed the Name (SSID) of the Router and issued a New IP Address for the Router and the Ui-16. Usually I have no problems connecting to the Mixer through the Ext. Router. But a couple of weeks ago I was doing a gig when the Mixer and Router abruptly Disconnected Several Times!! It was quite embarrassing and extremely disturbing when it Disconnected!!!
Anyone have any ideas as to why this happened???

Thx in Advance


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    edited November 2023

    I guess that just a radio wave had been got weaker relatively in that moment.

    Even if you changed the access point to stronger one, it does not mean perfect because your tablet device is still same. Even though your tablet got to find the access point easier, that access point can not find your tablet due to some noise.

    In usually, I don't have any problem in the rehearsals even if that distance was 80 meters but it will be down to 20 meters at the show time. Because audience bodies eliminate the radio wave, and their smartphones make some noise in the venue. And some people could have a tethering SSID as the same channel as yours.

    I need to place the access point higher than the audience head at least to have a better connection. Or I can use 2 strong devices then one of them will be a repeater at the near field from the tablet. Anytime, I should be mind about the using channels of the radio waves. Otherwise the wired connection is always justice.

    Access point means what you wrote as external router. I don't use the word of router when I don't convert the IP subnet but I know you are talking about same one in this time.

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