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Source for Vi7000 faders, including connector cable

Our Vi7000 has a bad fader. I've been able to determine it's an AlpsAlpine CP k fader, but the ones listed on Alps website and at Mouser don't include the connector cable. Looking for where to purchase them with cable included if possible, and confirmation I have the correct part.



    Excuse this is not the answer for your descriptions but let me talk to you.

    After carrying, Our Vi6 doesn't boot up sometimes, it recovers by reconnectiong some internal cables. I don't remenber which cable was it, though. We had repaired it once at the dealer then they replaced some board and cable something, and the price was not cheap then it happened again later out of the warranty. That's botherring then we quit to carry that console outside.

    How about your Vi7000 ?

    Now we are placing that console in the rehearsal studio in longer days. It seems safe if we don't carry. And those faders are well even though it's a slightly old console. I doubt tha cables instead of the board. If we could replace some cables we can bring that to some live venues again, I think. Because our boss judged not to repair at the dealer again.

    If you had any informations about this, I am appreciate you to share the informations.

  • We only use it inside a music venue, cat’s cradle in carrboro NC. It’s only been moved once during covid since it was new & purchased. So the fader problem isn’t an issue from moving and has only a couple of times been used outside.

    Besides needing a new fader, the only other issue currently is the touchscreen over the last input bank is dropping out and most likely a loose cable from all the bass frequency vibration. I just haven’t tried to re seat the connector, as I haven’t had time. A short tap on the top of housing usually gets it to work.

    Since purchasing it, the biggest issue we had was the operating system was failing and page switching was very sluggish, mouse pointer would periodically appear, other little glitches, and we’d have to restart - discovered by talking to specialist at Harman that the SSD (drive) running the operating system (windows 7 based) was failing, put in new one and installed new copy of OS and fixed all the problem with glitches (most likely corruption in registry).

    Hm, I used to thought vi7000 was a minor update of vi6 but it sounds that's not too similar in the trouble cases.
    Anyway thanks for sharing the experience.

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