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Isolates not saving after update to 2.1.5

Help!! Using for a musical with cues for mic changes. I want everything Isolated except for Channel On so cues only mute/unmute. After updating to 2.1.5 NONE of the isolate settings are saved each time I save the show and restart the board. Every night I start it up and all the isolate are gone. I tried both enabled and disabled for “ISO protects on show load.” Neither work. Shutting down the board is wiping everything out. Please help!


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    What mixer are you talking about?
    This is "Soundcraft mixing consoles" forum.
    Nobody yet know what you have.

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    Aqstix101Aqstix101 Posts: 1

    Yes I have the same issue! Soundcraft SI Impact. The new "Feature" that dissables ALL Isolates when you power the console down is a major PITA! I also want all isolates to stay the same after a power down as use the console for theatre productions. I isolate almost everything except fader levels and FX when doing a Theatre production. The only work around is to ENABLE isolates on Show load, then load the show EVERY time after a power down! Come on Soundcrud - you fix some bugs and at the same time introduce new issues that didnt exist in the previous firmware! I now have to ensure the show is saved before powering down - thats ok BUT if there is a power cut then it is a very long wait to power up and load the show before we can get going again.

    On top of that - the console also has an occasional bug where if channel one is selected the console sometimes starts ramdom channel settings changes ALL BY ITSELF! - eq changes, compressor, gate etc literally start changing as you watch. The ONLY way to fix that bug - is to power cycle the console - then guess what - all your Isolates are gone!!! Go have a cup of tea while you wait for the console to Reload the whole show as it is painfully slow! I have a video of this issue and have seen it happen on more than one SI Impact console.

    @rsto10 -See above workaround. you need to actually re load the show to put the isolates back

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    So you guys are talking about the firmware of Si series (impact, performer and expression) version 2.1 build 5 ?
    I am yet to update my expression 2 firmware to the 2.1.
    Will do then check.

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