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Error to identify the connection with stagebox (red icon on top right corner on display)

Hello everybody,

First time posting here, but we had an experience last weekend where I feel like this information should be somewhere on the internet.

For our mobile church factory, we have a Soundcraft Si Expression 3 and a Mini Stagebox 32. It's a board and stagebox combo that has been working weekly without any major problems... until last Sunday.

We set up the system normally, then when we started checking the sound we discovered that there was no preamp/gain control whatsoever connected to the stagebox. Additionally, even though we were receiving signal (mics were silent, but line levels were coming through fine), there was no meter reading on those channels despite the audio signal coming into the mains.

Our techs that morning noticed that there was a little red stage box icon in the top right corner of the board that we had never noticed before. (We later discovered it's there when a stagebox is plugged in and green when it's working properly).

So we got into troubleshooting, turning things off and on, relocating connections, trying different cables, etc. No data.

Worst of all, no amount of googling helped us, not the Expression manual, not the stagebox manual. So we did what comes naturally: acoustic set. It wasn't the end of the world as line-level signals, and anything plugged into FOH was fine (wireless microphones, etc.).

We were sure it was a problem with the stagebox, so we came the next night and set up the essentials (board, stagebox, mains, etc.) to troubleshoot. Again, same problem.

We received support from Soundcraft (the California number, apparently the only support in the US) and they were able to help us resolve it: there is a "reset" pin button (I need a paperclip) on the back of the stagebox . We have ours mounted in a rack, so it's not easily seen and we don't see it mentioned anywhere in the manual.

The support person said there was a problem with the data flow, not necessarily any specific cause. The check he had us do was try connecting phantom power to a channel on the stagebox and if no red LEDs light up, there is a problem. Once we did the reset on the back end, we were back to normal: gain control, meters, phantom power, etc.

The only indication that something was wrong was a small red "stagebox" icon in the top right corner of the board screen. If the stagebox is working correctly, the icon will be green. It's not a very "in your face" indication of a problem, especially when it's not mentioned in the manuals for any piece of hardware.

Anyway, I hope this post gets around the internet and one day helps someone who is desperately in need!

God blesses!!!
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