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Newbie Recording Issue

Hi there. I am completely new to digital recording. I have Pro Tools and the Soundcraft ui24r. I have been using the ui24 for a couple years mixing our band. I was a previous analog guy (Tascam MSR16 reel to reel. Mackie ONYX 4880 (didn't mean to swear here :) ) and various outboard processors. I made the jump to Pro Tools and need help getting set up. I am basically using the ui24 for my interface. I have "show" set up called Studio. I labeled all my inputs for what I might need, and went to the patching page and set them up. I have faders on the mix page, but no faders or phantom power on the gain page. I am a bit lost. I am going to check for some you tube videos for help. Just thought I would throw this out here. I have been recording and mixing for about 40 years. This computer stuff is definitely a learning curve. Thanks in advance!

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