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No Signal to Pro Tools

I hope starting a new thread for this is acceptable. I am a total newbie to computer recording, but not to recording itself. I have a Tascam MSR16 reel to reel, mixer and outboard gear, plus I have a Tascam DP32SD. I have been recording for almost 40 years. I made the decision to jump to Pro Tools at the coaxing of my son who has it. ( we can share our ideas). I have everything downloaded and set up, but I am having trouble getting signal to Pro Tools.

So I figured out when using the ui24r for DAW that there are a new set of gains and phantom power if scroll to the right past the regular inputs. HW1, HW2, HW3, etc. After watching a video showing how to set up inputs and outputs and going through step by along with the video I still have no signal at the HW gains. According to the video I don't have to do anything to send signal to Pro Tools it does that through the USB B connection. Unfortunately he never shows using the HW gains. I understand that the first 10 channels are L-R (1-2) and 3-10 are the 8 Aux sends, which means my first input channel would be 11. Pro Tools it set up correctly and sees the channels correctly. I just have no gain going to Pro Tools and no output choice in Pro Tools. Any help would be appreciated. I am dead in the water at the moment. In addition to spending well into the wee hours of the morning working on this. I have lost an hour of sleep to daylight savings time!! :D Thanks!!

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