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Access Control Password Reset?

Hi, we are a church group and the access control password for access to the desk faders etc is lost. If one tries to select a fader we get the "Locked" message. In the Settings, Client Access area we are asked for a password, but we don't know it. Is there a way to reset please?


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    Biff62Biff62 Posts: 2

    Should've said; we're on a Soundcraft UI16. connectivity from handheld device to the unit is fine. We just cannot access the faders - i guess because they're locked by the lost password.

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    OscardjOscardj Posts: 1
    Tengo ese problema compre una mesa sound craft ui 16 y no piedo conectar un router porque no temgo la contraseña ayuda please
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    Why don't you read the manual?

    This link will help you as well.

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