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Ui24R Sound over LAN/WiFI in client?

This is a feature request / question.
What should be implemented in order to be able to monitor the sound with headphones over the device with which you control the mixer?
Internet WiFi or LAN connections are strong enough to carry the digital sound information with great speeds.
It will be super helpful to be able to use headphones to monitor the sound with headphones when your mixer is placed on the stage and you are at the middle, or back of the hall.



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    It's a cinch. I have already done it before.

    Ui24R can be an audio interface for Mac or Windows then those device can work as network audio source for your remote PC or tablet or smartphones by using something network audio transfer applications like NDI audio, dante via, Sonobus,. etc.

    Actually I've done it over the internet with NDI and Sonobus. I put my Ui24R what had a multitrack recorded USB stick with connecting a Windows PC at home then I mixed it down by using another Mac and headphones from a hotel over 500km away. It has some seconds latency but It was enough for the 22 channels prerecorded mix down.

    I'd like to use SOLO function with USB connection so I customized the OFFLINE-JSON file to change the routing. Probably I had talked about the method at other threads, USB-DAW output routing looks like fixed routing as their GUI does not show, but actually it's available to set by the JSON file. If you are interested, you may download my customized OFFLINE file to practice.

    Extract the zip and "onlyUSBDAW_hp2_instead master.json" would be useful for that purpose.
    And "onlyUSBDAW_default.json" makes your unit back to the default states.
    These are human readable text files. You may check the contents. Don't be afraid.

    To send the sounds to the network, to catch it, like you've mentioned, you can use whatever applications you're usually using though I suggest Sonobus as free and cross platform application. You can set your own local IP as the connection server instead of "aoo.sonobus.net" then you can have full-local network transfer. You can listen to the sounds on your iPhone through the bluetooth headphones via WiFi.
    If you wanted to do via internet like I did, you need to set something to connect some ports over the NAT of your router or boot a VPN server at home. I did it by using VPN. ( Not a public VPN. That's my own VPN at home server. ) Otherwise you may use some streaming service with using OBS something as well.

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