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Soundcraft ui24r - flashing green light - no blue light - boot issue

Hi, the mixer was working just fine. Suddenly when power cycling only the flashing green light on the output when it powers on continues. Usually it turns off and the blue light comes on but now it doesn't.

The part labelled 100 near the transformer is warm to the touch rather than the other similar components like R3R. Could you please help diagnose the issue? Thanks


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    I guess it's usually internal 5V power circuit has blown. While flashing green lamps, please check if the USB ports are supplying the 5V power. USB voltage tester or multimeter, or something USB stick has access lamp will let you know.

    Some of USB device spends much current than 40mA then it will blow the power circuit. Usually a chip fuse or 0 ohm resistor at "F1" chip hole on the small PCB what has heatsink. If the 5V was not coming, check this part.

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