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ui24r input/output patching for DAW

I am using the ui24r as an interface for Pro Tools. I think I may be missing something with the patching functions. My I/O's are showing up in Pro Tools. When I set up the input patching on the grid for recording (in the ui24r) everything seems to work correctly. When I want to listen back and I set the output patching on the grid (ui24r again), they are no longer setup on the input grid. Can both not be setup at the same time or I am I doing something wrong? Really seems odd that I would have to patch and re-patch. I am thinking this is operator error. Just getting started in this DAW world. Spent 20 years in analog. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!


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    When I want to listen back and I set the output patching on the grid (ui24r again), they are no longer setup on the input grid.

    I can't understand what you patched.
    What from and to?

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    rdutcher463rdutcher463 Posts: 5

    Basically if you patch an input for recording (i.e. channel 13 guitar, input 23 in Pro Tools) you can't also patch it to output 13. When you patch the output to listen back it removes it from the input. Apparently they can't be patched simultaneously. Do I have that right? Just seems like a pain in the ass to patch and re-patch these. I am used to analog being patched all the time. If I were to use an interface and an analog board would it work different? Thanks!!

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    Please write those in & out definitely.
    It's so confusable for this kind of conversation.
    Because the direction can make swap the naming of the In as Out.

    For example,
    Physical Input (HW IN) of ui24R, Channel input of Ui24r, CH input of ProTools, Bus of Ui24R, Bus of ProTools, USB slot toward ProTools (From Ui24R ), USB slot toward Ui24R ( From ProTools), like something.

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    Anyway you are using the Ui24R as a USB audio interface of ProTools, I know.
    You don't want to change any patching for recording usage and mix-down usage, right?

    When you record the sounds into protools, the audio signal streams from Ui to PT via USB slots.
    You don't need to patch anything for this.
    Ui24R's hardware input (HWIN) source will be headed to USB slots.
    This signal goes to the USB from a tap of post preamp gain pre mixing. Even if you muted all channels of Ui24R, the signal arrives at the ProTools. Just you have to unmute the channel of Ui24r for your monitoring.

    HWIN1 ---> USB-DAW outs slot 11
    HWIN2 ---> USB-DAW outs slot 12
    HWIN20 ---> USB-DAW outs slot 30
    LINE IN L ---> USB-DAW outs slot 31
    LINE IN R ---> USB-DAW outs slot 32

    What you need to set would be the ProTools INPUT patching according to those above USB slot numbers.

    Soundcraft 11 ---> Protools channel input 1
    stuff like that.

    I am not sure how many microphones you uses at the same time, but you can record multiple tracks up to 22 at once. You shouldn't activate the input monitoring switch on the ProTools mixer screen because you have already been monitoring your own playing sounds from Ui24R.

    When you mix down the protools with using some EQ, comp, and other plugins of protools,
    your mix would be ProTool's master bus.
    You have to patch this master into USB slot at the ProTools IO setting.
    You can use same numbers because In and Out are different slots.
    There are 32 slots for the direction of Ui to PT, and there are another 32 slots for the direction of PT to UI.
    If you patched the master bus to USB-DAW 31 & 32 of the ProTools outs, but actually it's USB-DAW IN of Ui24R, then you can patch these USB-DAW IN 31&32 into the channel 21&22 of Ui24R.

    All of the recorded sounds come to CH 21 & 22 of Ui from PT's master.
    Your playing sounds will be mixed on the UI's mixer with those prerecorded sounds for you monitor.
    Your playing sounds will be headed to PT.

    Above are the basic usage of simple usage of the USB audio IF.
    If you needed to record some post-processing sounds of Ui with using Ui24R's EQ, comp something, another routing would be suggested. Put a comment.

    Ui24R is also a mixer has faders and EQ and FX although PT is better for mix down.
    If you'd like to mix on Ui24R, then PT would be just a multitrack deck, it's also available.
    Anyway, I am not sure what you like to do yet.

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    rdutcher463rdutcher463 Posts: 5

    Hi Taichee,

    Thanks for the information. I will post some screenshots of my I/O's from Pro Tools and my ui24r. Let me work on your response a bit and see how it works. I am not new to recording, just a newbie to DAW recording. I use anywhere from 6-11 microphones on my kit for live drums. I have recorded some tracks, I just was having issues with the playback and inputs. Let me work off of you response and I will see if I can get a better handle on it.

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