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Other brand digital out to UI24R DAW in/digital input?

Is it possible to take a digital multi-track feed from say a stage mix via digital DAW inputs for the FOH mix?

I have different brand digital mixers for stage/FOH and I'd like to do digital tails vs analog.


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    That "stage mix" means YAMAHA's one? That is just a controller so it doesn't handle the digital audio signal.

    Anyway, USB DAW function will handle the digital audio data in your PC or Mac.
    You can send it to other brand softwares and hardwares.
    For example, Dante via, DVS, NDI audio, Waves Soundgrid, Sonobus, and many software base formats.
    Mac can handle several audio interfaces simultaneously on their OS level ( Core audio ) so, Ui24R, YAMAHA TF, YAMAHA DM, and many other audio IF can share the sounds on a software.
    Windows does not support such usage in their OS level, but some softwares achieve similar usage. ASIO4ALL and somethings.

    So you can playback the Ui24R's MTK recorded sounds from YAMAHA TF1's output and own output at the same time.

    However, all of them requires much latency.
    It's according to the PC's spec then usually 30ms -1000ms.
    So it's not for live performance usage.
    Just for a playing back from prerecorded source, or satellite streaming usage.

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