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Expressions SI 3 Randomly Freezes/Lock Up

HELP! I've been using our Soundcraft Expressions SI 3 for over 5 years at my church and just recently started having this problem. We use the board twice a week, recalling a 'baseline' setting each week with starts with a fresh setup. Every two or three weeks the board controls will completely freeze up. There's no error message or warning. The sound passes through fine so unless you're trying to adjust something you won't even notice. We use Visi Remote and network connection to that and Visi Listen are both dropped when this happens. There doesn't seem to be any actions that trigger the freeze, often we're mixing with an iPad when it happens. I have left the board on for extended periods of times twice (about 5 days) and it doesn't freeze during these period so it seems like it is related to usage somehow. Ventilation is good, no sign of excessive heat.
Last week I updated to the latest firmware (build 12) and reformatted the card in the mean time. About three years ago I was having an issue that caused me to open the board and replace the SD memory card.
Today it froze up again and I noticed that when it did I was still able to use the screen to save the show settings but not completely. I wouldn't accept the 'Apply' button so I couldn't actually save. I don't want to replace this board, it works so well for our installation but I can't put up with this much longer.


  • Did you figure this out? I know someone with a similar issue

  • mcrecormcrecor Posts: 1

    how I fine manual for expression si 2

  • Did you find a resolution to this problem? New to forum for this very reason trying to see if others have had the problem.

  • Typically, lock-ups happen when the internal memory card becomes dislodged. Will need to open up the console and reseat the card. I would suggest a bit of hot-glue to keep it in place.

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